THE 120


Bearing in mind our definition of transformational leader (one with a purpose, a rallying nature and influence capacity), LLYC and Trivu drew up a list of 120 Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking young people being called to act as Future Leaders.


  • Alejandra Acosta

    Social Entrepreneur; co-founder of Break The Silence; fellow of the +SocialGood project by the United Nations Foundation.

  • David Rodríguez

    Spanish medal-winning swimmer; founder of the Pegasus Foundation; participant in the Coca Cola Generators initiative; winner of the EU Social Entrepreneurs Award.

  • Nerea Luis Mingueza

    Artificial Intelligence Engineer; co-founder of T3chfest.

  • Maitane Alonso

    Researcher; winner of MIT awards for sustainability and microbiology.

  • Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros Darnaude

    Entrepreneur; co-founder and CEO of Auara.

  • María Laín

    Environmental activist; participant at the UN Summit on Climate Change; member of Fridays For Future.

  • Elvira Sastre

    Writer and literary translator; winner of the Biblioteca Breve award in 2019, among various other literary awards, and more than eight works published.

  • Jan Carbonell

    Data scientist and co-founder and CEO of

  • Mohamed El Amrani

    Entrepreneur, communicator and Catalan-Moroccan social activist; president of Red de Convivencia de Roses.

  • Alex Sicart

    Entrepreneur; CEO and co-founder of Shasta.


  • Catarina Macedo

    Engineer specializing in UX; head of programming at Xbox R&D for Microsoft.

  • Joana Paiva

    Entrepreneur, biomedical scientist and engineer; CTO and co-founder of iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber.

  • Salvador Sobral

    Musician; winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

  • Margarida Balseiro Lopes

    Politician; president of the National Policy Committee of the JSD.

  • Fred Canto e Castro

    Entrepreneur; founder of Sonder.

  • Joana Leite de Castro

    Entrepreneur; co-founder of The human Toolbox.

  • Miguel Oliveira

    Athlete; first Portuguese professional MotoGP rider.

  • Kikas

    Surfer; winner of the award for Best European Surfer of the Year at Eurosima Surf Summit 2017.

  • Madalena Rugeroni

    Entrepreneur; country manager at Too Good To Go.

  • Simão Cruz

    Specialist engineer at Fintech; deputy head of digital strategy and development at BIG – Banco de Investimento Global.


  • Jimena Ledgard

    Activist; organizer of the ‘Ni Una Menos en Perú’ march in 2016; creator of the La Madeja podcast.

  • Diego Olcese

    Social entrepreneur; CEO and founder of Crehana.

  • Carolina Silva

    LGTBIQ+ activist and comedian.

  • Samuel Sotomayor Parián

    Engineer, entrepreneur and conference speaker; and founder of Pachapp.

  • Julio Garay Barrios

    Agro-industrial engineer; creator of Nutri H.

  • Marysol Naveda

    Environmental activist; coordinator of Life Out of Plastic (LOOP) and Hazla por tu Playa.

  • Eduardo Rodolfo Mala Segura

    Emprendedor en agricultura; CEO de Ento Piruw.

  • Edward Espinoza

    Entrepreneurship in education; CEO of ARCUX and Hábitat 207.

  • Sebastián Nadal

    Entrepreneur; CEO of Mandü

  • Sigrid Bazán

    Journalist; TV host on 90 Mediodia.


  • Emma Gonzalez

    Activist against arms control; winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2018, founder of Unquiet.

  • Lina Hidalgo

    Lawyer and politician; Judge in Harris County, Texas.

  • Alicia Chong Rodriguez

    Social entrepreneur; CEO of Bloomer Tech.

  • Derrick Reyes

    Social entrepreneur and LGBTIQ+ activist; CEO of Queerly Health.

  • Daniela V. Fernandez

    Environmental activist; founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

  • Rainier Mallol

    Researcher and entrepreneur; co-founder and president of AIME.

  • Yulkendy Valdez

    Social entrepreneur; co-founder of Forefront.

  • Jessica Cisneros

    Lawyer and politician; immigration lawyer in Texas and candidate for the US House of Representatives.

  • Vanessa Luna

    Educator; co-founder of ImmSchools.

  • Arturo Elizondo

    Entrepreneur; CEO of Clara Foods.


  • Gino Tubaro

    Social entrepreneur and engineer; founder of Atomic Lab.

  • Joan Cwaik

    Author and public speaker; head of marketing at Latam Maytronics.

  • Camila Crescimbeni

    Politics; national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires and Director of Youth Inclusion at the INJUVE.

  • Jerónimo Batista Bucher

    Researcher and entrepreneur; founder of Henko.

  • Nicole Becker

    Environmental activist; co-founder and member of Jóvenes por el Clima.

  • Facundo Noya

    Researcher; co-founder and CEO of Ebers.

  • Bárbara Tomadoni

    Engineer and researcher; assistant researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research.

  • Mayra Arena

    Activist and conference speaker; author of the TEDTalk ‘¿Qué tienen los pobres en la cabeza?’

  • Mateo Kawaguchi

    Activist; won fourth place in the “in a mold” category of the World Pizza Championship.

  • David Trejo Pizzo

    Entrepreneur; CEO and co-founder of NYDRO ENERGY.


  • Matias Muchnick

    Environmental entrepreneur; co-founder of The Not Company.

  • Julieta Martínez

    Environmental activist; founder of the Tremendas social innovation platform.

  • Diego Elorza

    Entrepreneur; founder of Urbanatika.

  • María Fernanda Valdés

    Athlete; member of the Chilean weight-lifting team. Gold, silver and bronze at the World Championship; Gold and silver at the Lima Pan-American Games; and winner of the National Sports Prize in 2017.

  • Cristian Lara

    Environmental entrepreneur; director and founder of the CETHA community.

  • Inés Benson

    Entrepreneur; founder of Guará.

  • René Espinoza

    Engineer; founder of LazarilloApp.

  • Daniel Lanfranco

    Socio-cultural anthropologist; executive director of Foco Migrante.

  • Verónica Benfele

    Communicator; entrepreneur and audio-visual producer at Plastilinarte.

  • Christiane Endler

    Professional women’s soccer player in Chile and Paris Saint-Germain.


  • Carla Heredia

    International Chess Grand Master and Master in Sport Management.

  • Francisco Velez Arosemena

    Entrepreneur; founder of Brain Room.

  • Domenica Cobo Flandoli

    Social entrepreneur; founder of XEllas and sustainability director at Ciclo Rosa.

  • Vanessa Barbery

    Specialist in digital transformation.

  • Geraldine Meitzner

    Communicator; Partnerships Manager at Girls in Tech, Inc.

  • Begoña Salas

    Designer and plastic artist.

  • Carlos Obando

    Technology entrepreneur; co-founder and CEO of Talov.

  • Jorge Ulloa

    Actor, Director and YouTuber; co-creator of

  • Mateo Kingman

    Singer; benchmark in the Andean pop genre.

  • Nicolás R. Muñóz

    Corporate lawyer; CEO and founder of Ulpik.


  • Vinicius Silva

    Financial consultant; co-creator of the Favelado Investidor channel.

  • Matheus Goyas

    Entrepreneur; creator of AppProva.

  • Anielle Guedes

    Entrepreneur; founder of Urban 3D.

  • Nátaly Neri

    Activist and communicator; creator of the Afros e Afins channel.

  • Anna Luisa Becerra

    Social entrepreneur; CEO of Safe Drinking Water for All.

  • Philippe Magno

    Entrepreneur; co-founder and partner of The HandsFree Institute.

  • Lawrence Murata

    Social entrepreneur; head of artificial intelligence and data science platforms at Nauto.

  • Lincoln Ando

    Entrepreneur; founder of idwall.

  • Tales Gomes

    Entrepreneur; co-founder and CEO of Plataforma Saúde

  • Maisa Silva

    Singer, presenter and actress; winner of the Favorite YouTube Channel category at the Meus Prêmios Nick 2018.


  • Gabriela Morgan

    Environmental activist; creator of the Revolución en Marcha project.

  • Sara Samaniego “La recicladora”

    YouTuber; creator of the fictional character Marce la recicladora.

  • María Paulina Bahena

    Political journalist, creator of the La Pulla YouTube channel.

  • Leidy Cuestas

    Entrepreneur and designer; creator of the Kit Smile project.

  • Julián Torres Gómez

    Entrepreneur; CEO and co-founder of Fitpal.

  • Clemencia Vargas

    Entrepreneur and dancer; CEO of Vive Bailando.

  • Bella Castiblanco

    Model; has taken part in Bogota Fashion Week and Medellin Fashion Week.

  • Juan David Aristizabal

    Social entrepreneur; co-founder of Buena Nota.

  • Daniela Carvajalino

    Entrepreneur; co-founder and CEO of The Biz Nation, global trainer of the World Economic Forum.

  • Jennifer Rodríguez

    Social entrepreneur; CEO and founder of VBraille.


  • Paloma Rodriguez

    Actress, singer; co-founder and spokesperson for the Creo movement on Ti RD.

  • Katherine Motyka

    Social entrepreneur; founder and CEO of Jompeame.

  • Carolina Santana Sabbagh

    Lawyer and public affairs communicator; works with governmental bodies, NGOs and national media, mainly the radio and written press.

  • Juan Carlos Núñez

    Researcher and scientific and environmental communicator; creator of the Yohanature channel.

  • Mabell Damirón

    Fashion entrepreneur; founder of MD STORE, first Sustainable Fashion House in D.R..

  • Mario Esteban Sosa Torres

    Politician; founder of La Sombrita del Frutero.

  • Eva Herbert

    Influencer and author; creator of the Club de Solteras.

  • Lourdes Alejandra Aybar

    Paralympic athlete; winner of a silver medal at the Parapan-American Games in Lima, 2019.

  • Gian Luis Pereyra

    Entrepreneur; CEO of Kikaboni.

  • Daniela Harguindeguy Blanco

    Founder of MedToon.


  • Sandra Watemberg

    Environmental activist; Marea Verde coordinator.

  • Juan Diego Vásquez

    Politician; youngest MP in Panama.

  • Alejandro Carbonell

    Entrepreneur and creative engineer; innovation director at Ciudad del Saber; co-founder of the Jóvenes Unidos por la Educación association; CEO of the Tutorez platform.

  • Elizabeth Sánchez Ruiz

    Financial activist; CEO and founder of Mindful Finance.

  • María José Paiz Arias

    Writer, influencer and blogger; creator of Segun Majo.

  • Camila Aybar

    Culture manager and filmmaker; director of Buena Vaina.

  • Katherine Boyce

    Communicator; marketing director at Digital Coffee Group.

  • Francisco Olivella

    Artist and activist; creator of Mundo Escultura.

  • Diwigdi Valiente

    Climate warrior; One Young World ambassador; leader at the Sustainable Ocean Alliance and talent at Unleash Lab.

  • José Rodríguez

    Engineer; member of Ayudinga.


  • Yalitza Aparicio

    Actress and activist; first indigenous women and second Mexican woman to be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars.

  • Julian Ríos Cantú

    Entrepreneur; CEO and co-founder of Higia.

  • Pedro Kumamoto

    Politician, activist and journalist.

  • Isaac Fernández

    Professional dancer, winner of the National Youth Prize and three Grand Prix.

  • Sara Landa

    Entrepreneur and scientist; co-founder of Simbiótica labs.

  • Francisco Valencia

    Social entrepreneur; CEO of Prothesia.

  • Rorro Echávez

    Content creator, author and inspirational conference speaker.

  • Alejandra Contreras Casso

    Social entrepreneur; president of Somos + Decididos A.C.

  • Marimar Treviño

    Entrepreneur; president of the Young Business Leaders Committee and Board Member at CONSEPP (Citizen Council for the Oversight of Public Youth Policy).

  • Lorena Saravia

    Fashion designer and entrepreneur; CEO, founder and creative director at Lorena Saravia.