LLYC is a global communication and public affairs consultancy firm that helps its clients to take strategic decisions pro-actively, creatively and based on the necessary experience, as well as to implement those decisions while minimizing risks, harnessing opportunities and always considering reputational impact. Within a disruptive and uncertain context, LLYC helps its clients to achieve their short-term business goals and define a roadmap with a long-term outlook in order to defend their social license to operate and increase prestige.

LLYC currently has 16 offices – in Argentina, Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), the United States (Miami, New York and Washington DC), Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and the Dominican Republic. It also offers its services through affiliated companies in all other Latin American markets.

The two leading publications in the sector put LLYC among the most important communication companies in the world. It stands in 44th position in terms of worldwide revenues according to the Global Agency Business Report 2020 by PRWeek and in 48th position in the 2020 Global Ranking drawn up by PRovoke.

In turn, Trivu is the global ecosystem that promotes opportunities to connect, activate and boost young talent in order to generate a real impact. They do so while accompanying public and private organizations in resolving all the challenges posed by their digital and cultural transformation. An organization that, after working with more than 100 entities worldwide, has a clear purpose: To make talent the driver of change.